Enterprise Software Lessons: The Challenges of Acquiring International Customers

08 Feb

Last night, I was having dinner with some executives from one of our partners discussing their recent successes on acquiring customers and developing enterprise mobile solutions powered by our KidoZen platform in Eastern Europe and Asia. During our conversation, I couldn’t stop thinking that one of the main reason behind our partner’ success is their deep understanding of those markets and the dynamics to effectively execute on them.

Establishing a solid international customer presence is one of the hardest endeavors for any company but it’s exponentially more difficult in the enterprise software space. The main reason that makes international expansion so difficult for enterprise software companies is that customer acquisition, pricing and even negotiation dynamics are really influenced by the cultural and socioeconomic aspects of a specific region. These challenges are not as apparent in areas like North America and Western Europe that share a lot of economic, social and cultural commonalities but it’s very obvious on almost every other case. Underestimating socioeconomic, cultural and historic differences is one of the main mistakes made by enterprise software startups attempting to acquire international customers.

In order to mitigate those challenges, I typically advice startups to focus on establishing the correct strategic alliances with other enterprise software vendors with the right market and business-culture understanding and the professional reputation to be successful in a specific country or region. Even though establishing mutually beneficial and effective strategic alliances is an incredible hard effort, it can be extremely rewarding in the long run. Particularly in the enterprise software space, strategic partners can complement your product or service with the right connections, customer acquisition and delivery processes that will help you to organically grow znc be successful on that market. Attempting to acquire customers internationally all by yourself, can result in an exhausting exercise that will distract you from your main missing or creating great enterprise software technologies or services.

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