Announcing KidoZen: An Enterprise Mobile Platform as a Service

02 May

KIDOZEN-LOGO-NEGATIVE_2Today is one of the proudest days of my life. After almost a year of running a very successful and humbling private program we are super happy to announce the general availability of our KidoZen platform.

KidoZen is our attempt to DEMOCRATIZE and REVOLUTIONATIZE enterprise mobility providing a simple, secure and feature rich model to enable enterprise-ready backend and management capabilities to mobile apps. KidoZen is challenging the traditional mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) model that for years have contaminated the enterprise mobility ecosystem an incredible complex and costly solutions that resemble the mainframe models 40 years ago.

What’s KidoZen?

KidoZen mobile-first platform as a service focus on providing the foundation for the mobile-first enterprise by enabling cloud and on-premise backend to enterprise mobile apps and a sophisticated and secure management experience through an enterprise application store. By using KidoZen, enterprises can drastically improve the agility and time to market with their mobile applications by enabling backend capabilities in minutes rather than weeks.

How is KidoZen different from other mBaaS players?

Contrasting with other mBaaS players, KidoZen is focus exclusively on enabling enterprise-ready mobile backend capabilities. A good part of our mBaaS platform focuses on providing integration with line of business systems through our mobile line of business APIs, we obsess about security, compliance and provide both on-premise and cloud deployment models.

How is KidoZen different from MEAPs?

KidoZen enables backend to enterprise mobile apps in a super simple manger leveraging the mobile development platforms or tools of their preference. A quick example: suppose that you are writing an Android app that needs to authenticate to Active Directory and get a list of items from a SharePoint Server behind the firewall. Using the KidoZen Android SDK developers will only need one line of code to authenticate to AD and another one to query the contents of a SharePoint list.

Try to do the same thing with your favorite MEAP 😉

Details about our private beta program?

It was huge, plain a simple. We were able to acquire some of the biggest brands in the world as customers (over 40 enterprises) and grow a fairly solid partner ecosystem that you are going to hear a lot about in the next few days. We are super grateful to our customers and partners for all the support and feedback provided throughout the last few months.

Immediate Roadmap?

We have put a lot of effort on expanding KidoZen’s mobile line of business APIs to facilitate the implementation of mobile apps that integrate with corporate systems. For the next few weeks, you are going to see a lot of exciting announcements with some of our customers and partners.

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