Giving Back to Customers

16 Sep

Last month one of our top KidoZen clients approached us to host a series of strategy sessions about enterprise mobility for the benefit of some of its developers and IT executives. After brainstorming a bit, we structured a program that included different thought leadership sessions followed by a KidoZen hackathon on which developers got to implement brand new enterprise mobile apps powered by KidoZen.

From the logistics standpoint, this was a bit of a commitment on our side given that we needed to devote the time and resources to put together the lab exercises and sessions. To that, we need to add the fact that 4-5 of our engineers were going to spend an entire day not focusing on our product but rather working on a hackathon exercise. Any organizational logic was telling us that this was a huge commitment on our side but we decided to go for it anyways.

After a few days of preparations, we hosted the strategy workshop and the hackathon last Friday. The experience was awesome!!!

Watching developers hack for 3-4 hours on your platform, coming up with innovative ideas and figuring out solutions by themselves is a special feeling that not many people get to experience. The KidoZen team had a blast engaging directly with the customer and they certainly appreciated our commitment to a long term partnership. For us, last Friday gave us the opportunity to honor the trust that this big customer place on us and to, in some sense, give back to them.

Building long term relationships with your customers and partners require you to put the necessary investment to make them successful even if that doesn’t translate into financial benefits for your company. As painful as it might look like, it is important to realize that a partnership is only successful if both parties can benefit from it and they are committed to honor it every step of the way. We certainly enjoyed the experience this Friday and are looking forward to many more in the near future.

I’ll leave you with a photo taken during the last few mins of the hackaton.



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