My Competitor Copies My Blog

21 Feb

copycatLast night we had a very bizarre incident as we learned that FeedHenry, one of KidoZen competitors, published a word-by-word copy of one of our blog posts( under their name. After the initial shock, we documented the incident and proceed to have some fun on Twitter and Linkedin with them. I’ve been receiving emails all night about folks in the mobile industry expressing how shocked they were with the incident.

After a while, FeedHenry removed the blog post but, until now, we haven’t even received an explanation or an apology. The low nature and the lack of class of this move made me reflect about some of the principles that startups should follow while competing aggressively in the marketplace.

Remain Classy

Don’t take me wrong, one of my biggest problems is that I am a fierceless competitor, red the “Art-of-War”, take no prisoners type of guy. However, you quickly realize that you can still be a super aggressive competitor and remain classy with your competitors. Class is important to attract talent and build a great culture within your company. Copying content from a competitor and publishing under your own brand is certainly not a classy move.

Low Does Not Mean Tough

Making low moves to sick an edge does not make you tougher, it just makes you low-class. Tough companies are able to find solutions in difficult situations without sacrificing their brand and culture.

Apologize When You Screw Up

People make mistakes, it happens. When in that situation, acknowledge the mistake and apologize to the affected parties. Not doing so, will just make things worse.

Respect Your Competitors

Finally, always have some respect for your competitors. At the end, having good competitors it’s an important part of making your industry better. If your competitors are any good, they will beat you sometimes on some things. Not acknowledging their strengths will blind you when making strategic decisions. You can still compete fiercely and be respectful of your competitors.

These are just some of my thoughts as we went through our situation last night. In any case, we will keep posting great content on our weblog and I hope FeedHenry learns a thing or two from this.

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