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CEO Lessons: No Task Is Beneath You

A few nights ago I received a call from an IT director at one of our Tellago customers (who happens to be a friend) asking for help to troubleshoot an issue in one of their mission critical systems. The failure itself was related to a Microsoft technology that I happen know really well. It was late at night; I was really tired and had a lot of work to do.

At that point, the option of passing the support incident onto any of my employees resulted really appealing. A few of them were even online working on their respective projects.

What did I do?

I took a few minutes to think about it and decided to jump on the phone with the customer’s IT staff. A few minutes into it, I realized that the problem didn’t have an easy fix and it was going to require to write a few scripts/programs to automate certain management tasks which was going to consume a couple of hours of my time. Again, I decided not to call anybody and wrote the programs myself. Thankfully, we were able to fix the problem in about 3 hours and I was able to go back to my scheduled tasks.

Why did I do that when I could have easily delegated that task onto any of Tellago’s engineers?

As a CEO of two very young companies, I believe in leading by example and not taking titles very seriously. I don’t let any of my colleagues refer to me as their boss and I try hard to just be another guy working for a great company.  I am far from considering myself a great CEO, on the contrary, I make mistakes every other week and I still have to learn a lot when comes to leading a successful organization. However, for the time being, there is a lesson I learned really well 🙂

“As a CEO, try to be a generalist, not a specialist and always remember that there are no tasks beneath you when comes to building a great company”.

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